What Is A Torque Multiplier Lug Wrench?

If you drive a truck, tractor or RV you have probably tried to remove your own lug nuts at some point. You probably pushed, pulled and yanked for a while. Maybe you even pulled out a cheater bar to get more leverage. But chances are you were unsuccessful. Most of those lug nuts are set to 500 foot pounds or torque or more. It is incredibly difficult to generate that much force. But with a torque multiplier lug wrench, you can amplify for your force and easily remove any wheel nut.

How A Torque Multiplier Lug Wrench WorksSo how does it work? Scientifically it isn’t too complicated. Look at this image to the right. You can get an idea for what goes on inside the gearbox of a torque multiplier wrench. Basically, as you spin the handle, you turn the sun gear, which in turn spins the planetary gears. Instead of the normal one to one mesh you get more power. Hopefully you can see how you can amplify your torque output. This is the basic premise behind a torque multiplier wrench. You can see another animated image of how this works here and see the diagram of a torque multiplier system here.

This same principle is used in other applications as well, such as the automatic transmission of your vehicle. There is nothing new about the idea or concept of a torque multiplier. In fact there have been hydraulic and pneumatic torque multipliers in the past. But for whatever reason, it has taken a while for the torque multiplier concept to get put in to a simple wrench that anyone can use. It’s not weird science. It’s a proven technique and one you can use to remove your lug nuts with ease.

How Do I Use A Torque Multiplier Lug Wrench?

These wrenches are incredibly easy to use. There is nothing complicated about their operation. Simply put the correctly sized socket on your lug nut. Insert the output shaft of the torque multiplier lug wrench into the socket. Then spin the input shaft slightly until the arm of the torque multiplier wrench is braced against the neighboring lug nut. Now attach the handle on the input shaft and spin in the direction you need to loosen your lug nuts. For most people this will be counter-clockwise. After several turns, remove the handle from the input shaft and remove the wrench from the socket. If it is loose enough you can finish removing the lug nut with your hand. That’s all there is to it.

The Cheater Wrench is probably the best torque multiplier lug wrench on the market right now. It has a 1:78 torque output ratio so it is pretty heavy duty. It also comes with a lifetime warranty, so you know it will last. The people from Cheater Wrench have posted some helpful videos on how to use their wrench. Here is their video demonstration on removing lug nuts.

That’s all there is to it. You can have all the lug nuts off your wheel in a matter of minutes without breaking a sweat or using an impact gun. For those of you who drive a truck or an RV, you can see the value in that. Normally when you get a blown out tire, you have to wait for hours and pay several hundred dollars to a service truck to come out and change your tire for you. Imagine being able to change your own tires. Think of the time and money that will save you. A torque multiplier lug wrench can really come in handy.

So How Do I Get The Lug Nuts Back On?

After you remove the lug nuts and change the tire, you need to get those lug nuts back on. But without an impact gun, what do you do? There’s no way of knowing how to set them to the right torque, right? Wrong! A torque multiplier lug wrench can tighten lug nuts just as easily as it can loosen them.

There’s a pretty simple method for getting your lug nuts set back to the right level of torque. Simply mark which lug nuts go on to which bolt before removing them. Put a line on the lug nut and on your wheel. When you need to put the lug nuts back on, get each lug nut back on the same bolt it was on before. Tighten by hand until they are pretty tightly on there. You’ll see the line on your lug nut doesn’t line up with the line you put on the wheel showing where the lug nut used to be. Pull out your torque multiplier wrench and instead of loosening the lug nut, tighten it until those marks line up. Then you know you have set your lug nuts to the same torque they were at before you removed them.

The people from Cheater Wrench have another helpful video demonstration. In this video they explain and show how to easily get your lug nuts back on.

Getting your lug nuts back on to the proper level or torque is just as easy as getting them off. And all you need is a torque multiplier lug wrench, not a big air compressor and impact gun.

Where Can I Buy A Torque Multiplier Lug Wrench?

Head on over to CheaterWrench.com to purchase your very own torque multiplier lug wrench. Currently it is on sale for just $149.99 + $19.99 for shipping. They have all kinds of size options for sockets too so they are bound to have what you need. Do yourself a favor and get one of these amazing tools and never worry about changing a tire on your truck, tractor or RV again.